Enterprise Design Podcast

The Enterprise Design Podcast is our attempt to educate and inspire folks about the world of Enterprise Product Design. We want to lay bare the opportunities ahead, the challenges you may encounter, and the value you can generate by designing world-class enterprise products. Whether you are a new designer about to start your career or a seasoned designer with years of experience, a potential partner with a penchant for business, or an engineer with skills to solve the most challenging problems, the Enterprise Design Podcast has equal portions of enterprise and design learning for everyone!

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Managing a Design System for Enterprise with Collin Miller

Colin Miller, who runs the Clarity Design System team at VMware, discusses the evolution and learnings of building a design system for enterprise products.

Meet your hosts Laurel & Tushar

Hosts introduce themselves, their backgrounds, how they got to VMware, and then discuss what enterprise design is to the audience.

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