Enterprising Minds

Conversations with executive leaders about organisational resilience and future-readiness. Every cloud has a silver lining. Challenging times can also be the catalyst for positive change and birthplace of a fresh wave of innovation. Join Host Narelle Hooper, former editor of AFR BOSS, as she talks with technology executives that have lived and led their organisations through immense pressure, only to see unexpected benefits and a brighter future. In these inspiring stories of leadership, pivot and transition, Narelle dives deep with her guests into topics such as rethinking business continuity planning, creating a digital workspace, tearing down silos and building a people-first business. This podcast is produced by VMware Australia. Visit vmware.com/au for more details.

Rethinking Technology in Law with Johnson Winter & Slattery

In Australia, the average person working in the legal sector uses 122kg of paper a year alone - but the risk-averse industry's attitude towards technology is starting to change. Narelle Hooper is joined by Ross Forgione, Chief Information Office at Johnson Winter & Slattery, to discuss how the firm is approaching digital transformation - all while tackling client privacy and data governance, compliance, and employee wellbeing.

Delivering a Digital Workspace with Australia Post

From Exmouth to Engadine, Australia Post is an instrumental part of Australian communities across the country. Narelle Hooper is joined by Chrissy Chu, General Manager of Enterprise Enablement at Australia Post, to discuss how the 210-year-old business is transforming its digital infrastructure, even in the midst of a pandemic. With the right approach, the business has been able to increase operational efficiencies, support thousands of employees to securely work remotely and keep the essential service running smoothly.

Future of Education with Victoria University

Australian universities are under immense pressure to shift their business models and find new ways to connect with students, both locally and internationally. Narelle Hooper is joined by Zoran Sugarevski, Executive Director, Information Technology Services at VU, to discuss how he is redefining how technology shapes higher education at a forward-thinking institution.