Pop Culture Tech Podcast

2.5: Sorry, I Was On Mute!

At the onset of the 2020 pandemic, an  interconnected web of tech innovation helped power #ZoomLife’s meteoric rise into pop culture legend.  In this Pop Culture Tech podcast episode, we talk about the culture and innovation powering our new world of work.

2.4: Heart, Mind, Soul

To say we’re going through a “difficult time” is the understatement of the century. Global health crisis. Social and political unrest. Shelter in place. Economic instability. Thankfully, digital technologies and innovative service providers are helping us stay grounded during this tumultuous time.

2.3: Shop Culture Tech

From augmented reality to bot-powered websites, shoppers want awe-inspiring experiences. And loyalty is more than the logo. Now, it’s all about the #shopculturetech experience.

2.2: The Interactive Museum

“Art is the signature of civilizations.” As we journey through the digital era, explore how innovative museums and artists help us transcend the physical and journey into the virtual.

2.1: Cars Get Smart

A very practical invention is also one of history’s longest running pop culture icons: the automobile. Explore how we’re blending our passion for cars with our passion for digital innovation.

1.9: What's For Dinner?

Making (or ordering) a meal is now only a click away. But for online grocers and meal-kit businesses, it must be harder than that, right?

1.8: Sneaker Culture Goes Green

You’ve heard of sneaker culture. You’ve heard about climate change and going green. But what happens when you put the two pop culture movements together—and add cool new technologies to the mix?

1.7: Game Over. Play Again?

The global gaming market’s worth $152 billion. Why? Because in this digital age, we’re all gamers. As technology infiltrates our lives, our love of games turned into pop culture and gamers have turned into pop culture icons.

1.6: Love Goes Digital

Some say love and technology are made for each other. With today’s 3.0 dating apps, they might be right. In this episode, we explore our modern world’s digital quest for love – in all its forms.

1.5: The Spirit of Giving

In our digital world, strangers helping strangers takes on a whole new meaning. Behind the scenes, tech innovation fuels charitable giving and real-world missions.

1.4: Art Meets Tech

An artist and her robots. A Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist and her immersive exhibition. Listen to what happens when art meets tech.

1.1: In The Eye Of The Storm

Think the weather’s not pop culture? Think again. Check out the revolutionary technology turning our favorite conversational icebreaker into a pop culture tech phenomenon.

1.2: Is The Gym Dead?

Is the gym a place you go – or is it, thanks to game-changing fitness technology, become less about a place and more about connected experiences?

1.3: Will This Robot Save Our Oceans?

Dangerous pollution levels in our oceans and waterways are reaching a point of no return worldwide. Could robots be the answer?