VMware Communities Roundtable

#637 - VMUG Chapter Meetings w/Jean Williams

Eric and Jean talk about VMUG and chapter participation, the ultimate way to engage with your local community friends in your city. Always a great way to meet others and move your career forward. Friends and People are the fun of the journey!

#636 - VMC-A: The New Instance Type with Niels Hagoort

Niels Hagoort takes us through 1VMC-A: The New Instance Type, new Storage Options, and Cloud Flex Compute. Niels is a Staff Technical Marketing Architect on the VMC team at VMware.

#635 - Utilizing Horizon in the Healthcare Industry w/Enrique Estrada

Enrique Estrada - Senior Director, Healthcare Industry Solutions and Riley Bui - Product Marketing Manager will join Eric and Matt to discus how the healthcare industry uses Horizon.

#631 - VMUG HomeLab Intel NUC & vSphere 8 for 450. 00 w/Matt Heldstab

Did you miss the vExpert gift this year, you can get a great NUC system for 249.99 to start your holiday project this year. With this hardware you get a silent home lab system (no fan) that will run vSphere 8. Pick up the VMUG advantage membership for 200.00 and get a vSphere 8 license and all the rest. A great 2023 kickstart to update your skills and have fun.

#625 - Demystifying Aria w/ Eduardo Meirelles

Join Matt, Corey and Eric as we spend time with Eduardo Meirelles , Senior Cloud Architect from VMware. Where he will attempt to demystify Aria, VMware's new brand of Cloud management solutions. VMware Aria is an intelligent multi-cloud management solution that enables you to consistently deploy and operate your apps, infrastructure, and platform services across private, hybrid, and multiple clouds from a single platform with a common data model.

#623 - VMUG and VMware Explore Community Updates with Ariel Sanchez

VMUG Community Leader Ariel Sanchez joins Matt and Eric to talk about the rest of 2023 and what it means to participate in community activities after VMwareExplore. Loads of momentum after the event, as people realize what community adds to their life.

#622 - Spatial Computing Strategies and Augmented Reality w/Robert Scoble.

Robert Scoble brings the VMware community an update on Spatial Computing and Augmented Reality, where are we going and how is thing going to impact IT GPU consumption as the Cloud becomes the delivery of model generation.

#620 - VMwareExplore Summary w/Bob Plunkers

Bob reviews his thoughts of VMwareExplore with Eric and Corey,  a great event and many interesting takeaways. 

#619 - VMware Explore Survival with Matt, Corey & Eric

We are headed to VMwareExplore the first of the re-branded event. Eric, Matt & Corey share what they think will come out of the show, and how people can watch the keynote live.

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