VMware Communities Roundtable

#625 - Demystifying Aria w/ Eduardo Meirelles

Join Matt, Corey and Eric as we spend time with Eduardo Meirelles , Senior Cloud Architect from VMware. Where he will attempt to demystify Aria, VMware's new brand of Cloud management solutions. VMware Aria is an intelligent multi-cloud management solution that enables you to consistently deploy and operate your apps, infrastructure, and platform services across private, hybrid, and multiple clouds from a single platform with a common data model.

#623 - VMUG and VMware Explore Community Updates with Ariel Sanchez

VMUG Community Leader Ariel Sanchez joins Matt and Eric to talk about the rest of 2023 and what it means to participate in community activities after VMwareExplore. Loads of momentum after the event, as people realize what community adds to their life.

#622 - Spatial Computing Strategies and Augmented Reality w/Robert Scoble.

Robert Scoble brings the VMware community an update on Spatial Computing and Augmented Reality, where are we going and how is thing going to impact IT GPU consumption as the Cloud becomes the delivery of model generation.

#620 - VMwareExplore Summary w/Bob Plunkers

Bob reviews his thoughts of VMwareExplore with Eric and Corey,  a great event and many interesting takeaways. 

#619 - VMware Explore Survival with Matt, Corey & Eric

We are headed to VMwareExplore the first of the re-branded event. Eric, Matt & Corey share what they think will come out of the show, and how people can watch the keynote live.

#617 - SuperCloud Event Summary and broadcom with John Furrier

John Furrier from thecube gives us the update from his SuperCloud industry event. Learn what's on John's mind, whats happening with the cloud industry and all things Broadcom!

#615 - SuperCloud with Vittorio Viarengo & Pam Takahama

Vittorio and Pam talk to us about the new concept "SuperCloud" which is a new industry term, bringing cloud partners together to establish standards and architectures for managing a global cloud infrastructure comprised of multiple cloud vendors.

#614 - VMware CMO Laura Heisman talks VMware SaaS Marketing

VMware's CMP Laura Heisman talks about what SaaS Marketing is, and how VMware marketing will change in order to transition to a SaaS/Subscription business.

#613 - VMware{code} labs (Tanzu on NUC) at Explore w/Bill Roth

Bill Roth and Eric Nielsen take us through the NUC strategy at VMware Explore. Where the Code Labs will teach some basic home lab setup on NUC's and Tanzu deployment. We will also use the LiveCopper Inc X86 I2C smart desk unit to run senors apps and control them via Tanzu! A fun lab for learning and coding.

#609 - VMware Rewards Program w/Tiffany Hancher

VMware is launching it's new VMware Community Rewards Program, where you can get points by participating in various programs and community activities.

#607 - VMware Cloud Foundation Overview with Michael Rebmann

Michael covers all the popular questions around getting started with VMware Cloud Foundation from hardware requirements, Remote Clusters, HCI Mesh and SDDC Management.

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