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VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, accelerates digital transformation by enabling unprecedented freedom and flexibility in how our customers build and evolve IT environments. With VMware solutions, organizations are improving business agility by modernizing data centers and integrating public clouds, driving innovation with modern apps, creating exceptional experiences by empowering the digital workspace, and safeguarding customer trust by transforming security. VMware is a member of the Dell Technologies family of businesses.

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Making VMWare Cloud easy with Jon Palmer from SHI

In this episode we talk to Jon Palmer, Director of Datacenter Solutions Engineering. Jon talks about their VMware Cloud on AWS JumpStart program, which allows customer to get their workloads into the Cloud as fast as possible; up to 22 months faster than moving applications to the hyperscalers, based on VMware Cloud Economics data. Jon also talks about trends he sees in his customer base, hybrid cloud computing, and how SHI can help you with VMware on any of the hyperscalers, like AVS, Google Cloud VMware Engine, and more. Information mentioned in the Podcast: 1. SHI's VMware Site: https://www.shi.com/brands/vmware 2. SHI podcasts: http://shi.com/podcast 3. Email: vmware@shi.com 4. Cloud Economics Case Studies: https://bit.ly/ce-case-studies-23 5. ESG report on 57% of Apps Already Migrated to the web. https://bit.ly/ce-esg-2022

Digital Transformation Podcast Series, Part 9: Migrating SaaS Workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS

In this episode, catch VMware Sr. Director of Engineering SaaS Commerce Arjun Basu and Technical Architect Parthiban Srinivasan talking about the business benefits of moving SaaS workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS, including design considerations before migration, the challenges VMware IT faced, the future of SaaS workloads, and more. This is the ninth episode of the VMware Runs on VMware podcast series on digital transformation.

Better Cloud Migration with HCX, vRNI, and VMware Flings with Frances Wong

In this episode, we talk with VMware Cloud on AWS product manager Frances Wong about her recent blog on automating and improving VMware Cloud Migrations. In the blog, she points out some key elements that most folks forget when the map out a migration to the cloud. She'll also mention some tools you can use to -make your migration smoother. She'll close with a discussion of how she recently worked on bringing VMware's Hands On Labs to many of the most popular hyperscaler clouds at VMware Explore. Frances' Blog: https://virtually2cents.com/automating-vm-migration-and-their-firewall-rules-to-vmc/ vRNI Fling: https://flings.vmware.com/vrealize-network-insight-toolkit Hands on Labs: https://hol.vmware.com/

VMware CMTY Podcast #626 - Introducing vSphere 8: The Enterprise Workload Platform w/ Himanshu Singh

As organizations embrace cloud, they are beginning to turn a new chapter in the era of multi-cloud. Multi-cloud has quickly become the dominant deployment model. According to a 451 Research study, 75% of all enterprises have multi-cloud footprints (1). Many enterprises choose to run mission critical workloads on-premises to take advantage of data locality, predictable workload performance and low network latency. As larger masses of data accumulate in the enterprise, they tend to attract more local services and applications to minimize latency, increase throughput, and maximize workload performance. On this episode, our host Himanshu Singh, Director vSphere Product Marketing at VMware; will walk us through: - How Consumption model preferences are evolving; - Demand for infrastructure services is increasing; - Security threats to Data Center traffic are rising; - Traditional approaches to meet the needs of next-gen infrastructure do not work. Thank you Himanshu for Introducing us introduce us to the new VMware vSphere 8 Learn more: https://bit.ly/3UdTiGa

Ask the Howlers | See Yourself in Cyber with Lynn Dohm

For Cybersecurity Awareness Month, WiCyS Executive Director Lynn Dohm joins Karen Worstell on Ask the Howlers to discuss how we can grow and diversify the cybersecurity workforce.

Digital Transformation Podcast Series, Episode 8: Disaster Recovery at VMware

This is the eighth episode of The VMware Runs on VMware podcast series about Digital Transformation, where we speak with highlight VMware IT thought leaders and their insights on how we achieve digital transformation at VMware. This eighth episode of 15 will address a topic that is not usually a part of the design conversations—disaster recovery (DR) and how VMware IT handles DR scenarios. Join Senior Director of IT Application Operations Varinder Kumar and Senior Manager for Disaster Recovery Lalit Parashari for this conversation.

Ask The Howlers | Weathering The Storm: Global IR Threat Report

VMware's Rick McElroy and Chad Skipper join Karen Worstell on "Ask the Howlers" to discuss the findings from VMware's 2022 Global Incident Response Threat Report and how defenders are fighting back against emerging attacks. Learn more about the report at https://news.vmware.com/releases/vmware-report-warns-of-deepfake-attacks-and-cyber-extortion

Introducing VMware Cloud Flex Compute

Tired of having to buy your cloud resources in sizes that don't work for you or your application? Try VMware Cloud Flex Compute. Cloud Flex Compute allows you to buy just what you need in terms of Compute, Network and Storage, in a single bundle. To tell us all about this new offering and its release schedule is Sonali Desai, Group Product Line Marketing Manager, VMware Cloud on AWS, and Blair Fritz, Sr. Product Line Manager, VMware Cloud. Here are the resources for show notes: Sign Up Form for Early Access: (URL here) vmc_flexcompute_ea@vmware.com VMware Cloud Flex Compute FAQ: (URL here) https://vmc.techzone.vmware.com/vmware-cloud-flex-compute-frequently-asked-questions VMware Cloud Flex Compute Demo: (URL Here): https://vmc.techzone.vmware.com/vmware-cloud-flex-compute-early-access-demo Resources Mentioned In this Episode: Sign Up Form for Early Access: vmc_flexcompute_ea@vmware.com VMware Cloud Flex Compute Demo: https://vmc.techzone.vmware.com/vmware-cloud-flex-compute-early-access-demo

New: Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

This episode covers the announcement of VMware Cloud on AWS integration with Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, a jointly engineered, AWS managed external NFS datastore built on NetApp’s ONTAP file system. This solution offers VMware customers a new way to scale storage in the VMware Cloud on AWS independent of compute and memory resources, and without purchasing additional hosts. Guests on this podcast include Glenn Sizemore (Product Manager, VMware Cloud) and Hitendar Sethi (Sr. Product Line Marketing Manager, VMware Cloud on AWS). References mentioned in this episode: Official Announcement Blog: What's New on VMware Cloud on AWS session @VMware Explore [CEIB1425US] https://bit.ly/3Ct7aXp Amazon FSx for NetApp TechZone: https://vmc.techzone.vmware.com/fsx-ontap TCO Calculator: VMC Sizer: https://VMCSizer.VMware.com

New: Introducing VMware Cloud Flex Storage

In this episode we discuss VMware Cloud Flex Storage with Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Cloud Flex Storage, Oliver Romero. VMware Cloud Flex Storage is a disaggregated cloud storage and data management service fully managed by VMware. It is useful for customers who 1) want to be able to scale storage independently of compute; 2) want the ability to scale up and down as needed, or; 3) have applications with substantial storage needs. Material mentioned in this episode: VMware Cloud Flex Storage Page: https://core.vmware.com/vmware-cloud-flex-storage Introduction to VMware Cloud Flex Storage at VMware Explore[CEIB1327US]: https://bit.ly/3QMbVzv What's New Session @VMware Explore:[CEIB1425US] https://bit.ly/3Ct7aXp

Effectively dealing with Ransomware with Belu de Arbelaiz

Did you know an organization is infected with Ransomware every 11 seconds? In this episode, we'll talk about VMware's efforts to combat the scourge of ransomware. Belu de Arbelaiz, Sr. Product Line Marketing Manager at VMware will share VMware's thoughts on how to deal with Ransomware and how we can help. She talk about how to pick a recovery point candidates and how to make sure your recovery point is free from malware. She also discusses how to minimize data loss, as well as how to avoid reinfection at recovery time. Editors note related to acronyms mentioned in this podcast: IRE = Isloated Recovery Environment Resources mentioned in this episode VMware's Ransomware offering: http://vmware.com/go/ransomware/ VMware Explore Session on Ransomware(SEC1237): https://bit.ly/3JNLdDY

VMware Cloud on AWS Compliance and Why It's Good For You

In this episode we talk about all the compliance certifications that VMware Cloud on AWS has. We're talking with Moin Syed, Compliance Product Manager, from our studios in Hyderabad. He'll give us the rundown on the latest global certification news, which includes certifications from Australia, Japan and Singapore. We'll also discuss why certification are important, and why these are important benefits that accrue to the users of VMware Cloud on AWS. We cover certifications including PCI-DSS, ISMAP from Japan, Australia's IRAP regime, and the Multi-Tier Cloud Security standard from Singapore. Resources mentioned in this episode: VMware Cloud Trust Center: https://www.vmware.com/products/trust-center.html VMware Cloud on AWS Compliance Whitepapers: https://bit.ly/3QOYFtY Compliance Blog: https://blogs.vmware.com/cloud/2022/01/31/vmware-cloud-on-aws-unlocking-cloud-compliance-globally-part-2/

Ask The Howlers | Creating A Culture of Security with Alex Tosheff

VMware’s Chief Security Officer Alex Tosheff joins "Ask the Howlers" host Karen Worstell to discuss his experience as an infosec leader, advice for how CISOs should approach their first 120 days in their role, and why he believes building strong relationships are the key to achieving organizational goals.

VMware Cloud Security with Bob Plankers

In this episode we're talking with Bob Plankers, Staff Technical Marketing Architect, who focuses on Cloud Security. Bob will discuss what's new in VMC Security, and how the VMware Cloud stacks up to other clouds with respect to security in general. He'll also discuss new developments that support Trusted Platform Modules, and things to do and see at VMware Explore, VMware's annual conference. Resources mentioned in this episode: VMware Cloud Trust Center: https://www.vmware.com/products/trust-center.html Security Configuration Guides and references for securing cloud infrastructure: https://core.vmware.com/security Bob's Session at VMware Explore(which you should all attend): https://bit.ly/3BV7zSf VMware Explore: https://www.vmware.com/explore/us.html

Learning Kubernetes on VMware Cloud on AWS

n this episode we talk to Eric Shanks, Senior Technical Marketing Architect at VMware, about his new free tutorial, “Kubernetes on VMC on AWS”, which you can find at: https://vmc.techzone.vmware.com/kubernetes-vmware-cloud-course This is a great tutorial if you are getting started with Containers and Kubernetes and contains both video explanations and labs as well. It is great for VMware administrators who are looking to get up to speed on Kubernetes quickly. Other resources mentioned in the podcast: KubeAcademy: http://kube.academy/ Tanzu Developer Center: https://tanzu.vmware.com/developer/

Digital Transformation Podcast Series, Part 7: Our Journey to Digital Workspace

This is the seventh episode of the VMware Runs on VMware podcast series about Digital Transformation, where we speak with VMware IT and get insights on how we achieve digital transformation at VMware. The episode will talk about our journey to Work from Home/Anywhere space, modern management of devices, security challenges in the digital workspace, what it takes to move to the Digital Workspace, and more. Join Alexander Price, Senior Director of Client Services and Aju Sukumaran, Senior Manager, Client Engineering for the conversation.

Digital Transformation Podcast Series, Part 6: Security in a Multi-Cloud Environment

This sixth part of 15 about Digital Transformation at VMware explores the topic of security. Companies worry about how can we secure our applications in the cloud and provide a sense of confidence to our customers that their data is also secure on the cloud. Two stalwarts from VMware Security team, Director of Information Security strategy Craig Savage and Director, Security Architecture Bharat HC, join to discuss this critical topic, In the first two episodes, CIO Jason Conyard, IT CTO Jerry Ibrahim and head of Engineering and Architecture, VP Roopa Raj, talked about the organizational impact, the foundational decisions, and the SaaS mindset that is so essential for digital transformation. In the third episode, we got into the details of how we achieved digital transformation with VMware IT leadership; and the fourth episode discussed how we embarked on our multi-cloud journey and the fifth episode explored how we build, run, and manage our modern apps platform powered by VMware Tanzu®. Previous episodes are online under Podcasts in the Resources section of our microsite vmware.com/company/vmware-on-vmware.

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